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Dams in Illinois, United States

Dams in Illinois (alphabetical)
Reservoir Dam Name
 Rend  "E" Pond Treatment
 Apple Canyon  Apple Canyon Lake Dam
 Baldwin  Baldwin Plant Cooling Lake Dam
 Braidwood  Braidwood Station Cooling Pond Dam
 Candlewick  Candlewick Lake Dam
 Carlyle  Carlyle Lake Dam
 Cedar  Cedar Lake Dam
 Clinton  Clinton Power Station/Clinton Lake Dam
 Clinton  Clinton Power Station/Dredge Disposal Pond Dam
 Coffeen  Coffeen Lake Dam
 Rend  Consol/Rend Lake Mine/Sediment Pond 009 Dam
 Rend  Consol/Rend Lake Mine/Slurry Cell 2 Dam
 Rend  Consol/Rend Lake Mine/Slurry Impoundment 1
 Rend  Consol/Rend Lake/Sed Pond 008 Dam
 Crab Orchard  Crab Orchard
 Devils Kitchen  Devil`S Kitchen Dam
 East Fork  East Fork Lake Dam
 Fyre  Fyre Lake Dam
 Governor Bond  Greenville New City Dam
 Happy Hollow  Happy Hollow Lake 2 Dam
 Heritage  Heritage Lake Dam
 Holiday Shores  Holiday Shores Lake Dam
 Horseshoe (Anderson)  Horseshoe Lake Dam
 Kellart  Kellart Lake Dam
 Kinkaid  Kinkaid Lake Dam
 Carlinville  Lake Carlinville Dam
 Carlton  Lake Carlton Dam
 Carroll  Lake Carroll Dam
 Catatoga  Lake Catatoga Dam
 Centralia  Lake Centralia Dam
 Galena  Lake Galena Sed Pond Dam
 George  Lake George Dam
 Iroquois  Lake Iroquois
 Marie  Lake Marie Dam
 Mattoon  Lake Mattoon Dam
 Egypt  Lake of Egypt Dam
 Petersburg  Lake Petersburg Dam
 Sara  Lake Sara Dam
 Shelbyville  Lake Shelbyville Dam
 Taylorville  Lake Taylorville Dam
 Thunderbird  Lake Thunderbird Dam
 Little Grassy  Little Grassy Dam
 Little Swan  Little Swan Lake Dam
 Rend  Old Ben/Mine 26/SLURRY Cell 3 Dam
 Rend  Rend Lake
 Rend  Rend Lake
 Rend  Rend Lake Dam
 Sangchris  Rlf/Pawnee Mine/Slurry Impoundment 2 Dam
 Sangchris  Rlf/Pawnee Mine/Slurry Impoundment 3 Dam
 Sangchris  Sangchris Lake Dam
 Shabbona  Shabbona Lake Dam
 Egypt  Southern Il Power South Fly Ash Pond Dam
 Springfield  Spaulding Dam
 Forbes  Stephen A. Forbes State Park Lake Dam
 Fox Chain  Stratton Lock and Dam
 Wee-Ma-Tuk  Wee Ma Tuk Lake Dam
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