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Dams in Arkansas, United States

Dams in Arkansas (alphabetical)
Reservoir Dam Name
 Beaver  Beaver
 Beaverfork  Beaver Fork Lake Dam
 Frierson  Big Creek Wid Site 02
 Ouachita  Blakely Mountain Dam
 Blue Mountain  Blue Mountain
 Bull Shoals  Bull Shoals
 Cane Creek  Cane Creek
 Hamilton  Carpenter
 Craighead Forest  Craighead Forest Lake Dam
 Crown  Crown Lake Dam
 Dardanelle  Dardanelle Lock & Dam
 Dardanelle  Dardanelle Nursery Pond
 DeGray  Degray Dam
 DeQueen  Dequeen Saddle Dike A
 Dierks  Dierks
 Greers Ferry  Eden Isle Lake Dam
 Charles  Flat Creek Ag&F; Site 3
 Gillham  Gillham Saddle Dike 3
 Greers Ferry  Greers Ferry
 Harris Brake  Harris Brake Auxilary Dam
 Harris Brake  Harris Brake Dam
 Atalanta  Lake Atalanta Dam
 Austell  Lake Austell
 Bailey  Lake Bailey
 Bald Knob  Lake Bald Knob
 Bennett  Lake Bennett Dam
 Columbia  Lake Columbia Dam
 Conway  Lake Conway Dam
 Conway  Lake Conway Nursery Pond Dam
 DeSoto  Lake Desoto
 Dunn  Lake Dunn
 Erling  Lake Erling Dam
 Fayetteville  Lake Fayetteville
 Fort Smith  Lake Ft Smith Dam
 Georgia Pacific  Lake Georgia-Pacific Dam
 Greeson  Lake Greeson Nursery Pond Dam
 Maumelle  Lake Maumelle Dam
 Monticello  Lake Monticello Dam
 Omaha  Lake Omaha
 Poinsett  Lake Poinsett Dam
 Windsor  Lake Windsor Dam
 Winona  Lake Winona Dam
 Leatherwood  Leatherwood
 Felsenthal Lock and Dam  Lock and Dam No 8
 White Oak  Lower White Oak Dam
 Maumelle  Maumelle Nursery Pond Dam
 Millwood  Millwood Country Club Lake Dam
 Millwood  Millwood Okay Levee
 Greeson  Narrows Dam
 Norfork  Norfork
 Ouachita  Ouachita Nursery Pond
 Ozark  Ozark Lock & Dam
 Peckerwood  Peckerwood Lake Dam
 Hinkle  Poteau River Wid Site 12
 Hinkle  Poteau River Wid Site 15
 Brock Creek  W Fork Pt Remove Creek Wid Site 05
 Walcott  Walcott Lake
 Chicot  Whiskey Chute Dam
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