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Sitka City and Borough, AK

Sitka City and Borough
Population: 8,835
Population Density: 3.1 per square mile

Water Area Percentage: 40.27% (1,937.55 square miles)
Land Area Percentage: 59.73% (2,873.98 square miles)
Total Area: 4,811.53 square miles
Housing Units: 3,650 per square mile

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Waterfalls In Sitka City and Borough
Aleutkina Bay
Appleton Cove
Baby Bear Bay
Baker Cove
Basket Bay
Bear Bay
Bear Cove
Bertha Bay
Big Bay
Big Branch Bay
Big Port Walter
Birdsnest Bay
Black Bay
Bradshaw Cove
Branch Bay
Byron Bay
Camp Coogan Bay
Cascade Bay
Cedar Cove
Close Bay
Codfish Cove
Corner Bay
Cosmos Cove
Crab Bay
Crab Bay
Crane Cove
Crawfish Inlet
Crescent Bay
Cuvacan Cove
Davison Bay
Deep Bay
Deep Cove
Deep Inlet
DeGroff Bay
Denmark Cove
Didrickson Bay
Dorothy Cove
Double Cove
Douglass Bay
Driftwood Cove
Eastern Bay
Echo Cove
Elf Cove
Elkugu Bay
Ell Cove
Falcon Arm
Favorite Anchorage
Fick Cove
Fin Cove
Fish Bay
Flat Cove
Florence Bay
Ford Arm
Gilmer Bay
Gilmer Cove
Goleta Cove
Goose Cove
Graveyard Cove
Great Arm
Great Arm Whale Bay
Gut Bay
Gut Bay
Haley Anchorage
Hanus Bay
Herring Bay
Herring Cove
Hidden Cove
Hoggatt Bay
Hot Springs Bay
Island Cove
Islas Bay
Jamboree Bay
Jamestown Bay
Jerry Harbor
John Bay
Kadashan Bay
Kalinin Bay
Kanga Bay
Kasnyku Bay
Katlian Bay
Kelp Bay
Khaz Bay
Kidney Cove
Kimshan Cove
Klag Bay
Kliuchevoi Bay
Krestof Sound
Krestof Sound
Kukkan Bay
Larch Bay
Launch Cove
Leesoffskaia Bay
Liesnoi Shoal
Lindenberg Harbor
Little Basket Bay
Little Bay
Little Branch Bay
Little Puffin Bay
Long Bay
Lords Pocket
Louise Cove
Lovers Cove
Lumber Cove
Marsh Bay
Middle Arm Kelp Bay
Mielkoi Cove
Miner Cove
Mist Cove
Mud Bay
Nakwasina Bay
Nakwasina Sound
Necker Bay
Nelson Bay
Neva Bay
Nismeni Cove
No Thorofare Bay
North Arm Hoonah Sound
Ommaney Bay
Patterson Bay
Patterson Bay
Pinta Bay
Pirate Cove
Poison Cove
Porcupine Bay
Port Alexander
Port Armstrong
Port Banks
Port Conclusion
Port Herbert
Port Herbert
Port Krestof
Port Lucy
Port Lucy
Port Mary
Port Walter
Port Walter
Portlock Harbor
President Bay
Promisla Bay
Puffin Bay
Rakovoi Bay
Red Bluff Bay
Redfish Bay
Redoubt Bay
Rocky Bay
Rocky Cove
Rodman Bay
Rodman Bay
Saint John Baptist Bay
Salisbury Sound
Salmonberry Cove
Saltery Bay
Samsing Cove
Sandy Bay
Sandy Cove
Saook Bay
Sawmill Cove
Schulze Cove
Scow Bay
Seal Bay
Sealing Cove
Sealion Cove
Secluded Bay
Sevenfathom Bay
Shamrock Bay
Shelikof Bay
Ship Cove
Silver Bay
Sinitsin Cove
Sitka Harbor
Sitka Sound
Sitkoh Bay
Slocum Arm
Small Arm
Small Arm Whale Bay
Snipe Bay
South Arm Kelp Bay
Starrigavan Bay
Still Harbor
Sukoi Inlet
Sukoi Inlet
Sukon Strait
Suloia Bay
Symonds Bay
Takatz Bay
Tenakee Inlet
Thimbleberry Bay
Thomsen Harbor
Three Entrance Bay
Toledo Harbor
Toy Harbor
Trap Bay
Ushk Bay
Warm Spring Bay
Warm Springs Bay
Waterfall Cove
Waterfall Cove
West Arm Mirror Harbor
West Crawfish Inlet
Whale Bay
Whitestone Cove
Whiting Harbor
Yamani Cove

Lakes In Sitka City and Borough
Blue Lake

Cities In Sitka City and Borough


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